Maximize Your Full Potential

With 'Extreme Productivity' Bootcamp  


The most productive people in the world are the most successful. They enjoy maximum results with the least amount of work/effort.

Contrary to popular belief the most productive don't work around the clock sacrificing everything else in their life for one result. Rather they have discovered and attained the skills, strategies, and systems that allow them to achieve their incredible success while still maintaining a life they love.

They are not any smarter, work any harder, or get up any earlier then you. They simply know how to create extreme productivity and thrive without sacrifice. 

At the same time, one size does not fit all. What makes one individual extremely productive may or may not work for another. To achieve your extreme productivity the skills, strategies, and systems must be tailored to your natural strengths and desires. 

This extreme productivity bootcamp is designed to do just that. However, because of that this it is not for everyone. This bootcamp is created to achieve instant life changing results. In order to do that, we must take a deep dive into both your business & personal life. You must be willing to be open, honest, and vulnerable. This is the only way to ensure the results you desire. You want to reach your maximum potential then you must be willing to do the work to do so. 

But if you are willing to do that then the rewards can be incredible. In just two days you can immediately 2x, 5x, or even more x your productivity to create and live an amazing life you love. 

  • It can help you gain control and remove any uncertainty, overwhelm, or anxiety you are feeling now. 
  • It can stop any procrastination and get you taking action on things that make you excited again. 
  • It can have you following through and completing goals that you haven't been able to for years.
  • It can unload unnecessary energy draining items from your life and replace them with what you really want to do.
  • It can give you the opportunity to quickly grow your business with less time then you are working now. 
  • It can convert your business so it is serving you rather then you serving the business.
  • It can integrate your business & personal life so they work in tandem with no sacrifices (Your family will thank you for this).

All of that and much more can be accomplished with this extreme productivity bootcamp. 

Before you apply though I want to make sure you are not wasting your time. Please understand exactly what you are applying for before you do so. 

This bootcamp is designed to drastically increase your productivity. This is NOT a time management class but rather a one-on-one personally tailored coaching by Greg to instantly maximize your productivity. 

Here is how the bootcamp is designed:

  1. Prior to Greg arriving you will be responsible for completing some homework. 
  2. Day one will begin in person with Greg at your office at 11am. This day will go until you have had enough for the day (Greg is a night person and can easily go past midnight if you desire).
  3. Day 2 will begin at 11am at your office and run till about 6pm giving enough time for Greg to catch a late flight out that night. If in the far East or a place where flights are difficult then he will fly out the next morning.
  4. There will be a one hour follow up zoom call two weeks later with Greg to answer any questions/challenges that have come up. 
  5. As a bonus, you will be granted access for free into the extreme productivity online course (when it becomes available).  

This is very labor intensive for Greg so he therefore only does 1-2 of these each month. So depending on when you apply there can often be a wait of couple months. 

The total cost of the bootcamp is $5,000 plus expenses. The expenses include hotel (Embassy Suites or similar), transportation (either car rental OR Lyft/Uber ride to and from airport to hotel and hotel to and from your office), and food at $50/day (including travel days).  

If you are ready to be personally coached and master your extreme productivity to take your business & life to the next level then apply below. 

Once your application is received it will be reviewed and if accepted you will receive an invitation for a 30 minute 'Get Acquainted' zoom call with Greg to see if we are a good fit before proceeding any further.