Greg’s Journey


Greg is originally from Tucson, AZ. and currently resides in Phoenix, AZ with his wife Kim. They have been married since 1997 and work together every day in their businesses. Unfortunately, they lost their only child, Narissa, as a full-term stillborn in 2000 and were not able to have any other children. Greg also lost another full term stillborn, Ashley, many years earlier in a prior relationship. With no children, they volunteered with Big Brother/Big Sister for over 11 years until graduating from the program in 2016 when their ‘littles’ turned 18.


Prior to starting his own businesses & investing in real estate full-time Greg was in corporate America. He started working for McDonald’s as a teenager in 1983 and by 1986 at the age of 19 was the general manager of a McDonald’s restaurant. He continued to work through the ranks until ultimately becoming a training consultant for the west division in charge of helping train franchisees and their management teams on systems running their restaurants throughout the southwest. To this day he turns everything into a system. He retired from Corporate America in 2002 to pursue creating and running his own businesses & real estate investing full time.

As an 'achiever' he made sacrifices and to the outside world become successful. Unfortunately that all changed with the 'Great Recession' and they were forced to file bankruptcy starting over from nothing the day it was discharged on April 12, 2011.  Not willing to make any more sacrifices in life this time he set out to discover a way to have financial success with joy & fulfillment as well as success in every area of life simultaneously. 


He discovered that the top 1% were not 'achievers' but rather 'thrivers' and they did things much differently. They were not smarter, they didn't work harder (in fact they worked much less), they didn't get up any earlier, they didn't spend time trying to 'manage their time', and they didn't make major sacrifices in their life.


Instead they had skills, strategies, and systems to maximize and produce their success not just financially but in every area of life. With his 'systems' background Greg was able to convert this into a process and achieve amazing results beyond what he could have imagined. That process in less than nine (9) years achieved financial freedom creating & running multiple businesses and real estate investing in different states while at the same time building a terrific marriage, getting healthier, growing good friends, taking dozens of vacations traveling the world, and enjoying life!


Rather then retire he now dedicates his life to empowering Achievers to transform into Thrivers by sharing the six step process to thrive as well as the skills, strategies, & systems that support that process.   

Why Is Greg Doing This?


As previously mentioned above Greg lost his two daughters Ashley & Narissa as full term stillborns. Unfortunately due to a medical situation they were unable to have any other children. At the time and for years he just put his head down and focused on achieving success.

However, when he turned 50 it really hit him hard that he missed out on being a Dad. Everyone saw him as a success but he was empty inside. He needed to find a reason to be here other then just own businesses & real estate. So at the time he decided to create his legacy and set a goal to help one (1) million people achieve their real estate goals.  

Here is the video he released at the time. 


Updated Legacy


As he began achieving this legacy of helping people with their real estate goals he kept seeing them as a reflection of himself prior to the bankruptcy and how they were sacrificing many other areas of their lives to gain financial success. They were so dedicated that they had 'no time' for anything else. This was very frustrating to Greg because he knew it didn't have to be that way.


So he took everything that he had learned and implemented to change his own life and put it into a format that allowed him to easily share it. He shared it with several other 'Achievers' and they too were getting incredible results. He then decided that this is what he really wanted to do and could change peoples lives- not just financially but every area of their life. He had to share this with the world and revised his legacy vision and dedicated his life to: 

Empowering Achievers to master the skills, strategies, & systems to transform into Thrivers living their dream life faster then they thought possible!

When not coaching/mentoring or investing Greg and Kim love to travel. They have taken a 2-4 week vacation every quarter since 2012 and have seen the world having traveled throughout all 7 Continents and by car through all 50 states. When it comes to traveling, Greg always says "My favorite place to travel to is somewhere I have never been before".


Greg loves creating 'special moments' and has a passion for reading, College sports (especially his Arizona Wildcats!), anything fun outdoors, hanging out with high minded individuals, and being a coach & mentor to Achievers that desire to transform into Thrivers enjoying success financially and in every area of life. 

Bottom-line: Greg has a passion to help
others become successful and live the life they desire and deserve

"Greg and Kim Slaughter on keeping success simple"

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Greg took a lot of his corporate training, ideas, philosophy, & culture and applied that into his own businesses & real estate investing.
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