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Let's Be Honest For A Minute... 

  • You are a high-achiever with some success but you want more!
  • You have big dreams & goals working your butt off and have been making sacrifices along the way so you can live that dream life 'someday'
  • Although you are successful, you feel like you are not where you should be at this point in your life and the success is coming slower then you desire
  • You feel like at times others have an easier path to success or are just 'luckier' and you wonder 'when is it my turn'
  • You want to spend more 'quality time' with your family but the business always seems to be needing your time and when you get home you are tired and don't have the energy 
  • You sometimes feel those around you maybe don't understand or appreciate why you work so hard even though you are doing it for a better future for them
  • You want to have more fun with friends and you will as soon as you get caught up and they will understand once you achieve all your success
  • You want and know you need to focus more on your health and you will very soon but you have been telling yourself that for a while now.
  • When someone asks what are your hobbies you spend time enjoying you answer either work or nothing because you really don't have the time and/or fooled yourself into believing you don't need them
  • You want to take a vacation but now isn't the right time or when you do take one a lot of it is spent on the phone or at least thinking about work.
  • You may be starting to question if what you are doing is all worth it?
  • You are ready to fast track success and live your 'someday' life now!

I'm Greg Slaughter

Founder & Creator of "The 'CHEAT' Code"

I get Entrepreneurs to fast track success so they can live their 'someday' now rather then making sacrifices for years they don't need to. I have spent the past 10+ years creating, using, and now sharing a 5 step process I call the CHEAT code to achieve this.

On April 12th, 2011 our bankruptcy was discharged and we started over from zero borrowing money from our parents for the security deposit on a tiny home. At the same time I was in a failing marriage, had no real friends, and had just sacrificed many years of my life working 24/7 so I could have that amazing 'someday' life. 

I was determined to not make the same mistake and within 10 years of that bankruptcy we achieved financial freedom creating & running multiple businesses but we did so while at the same time building a terrific marriage, getting healthier, growing good friends, taking dozens of vacations traveling the world, and having fun! All of that happened using the CHEAT code I discovered as well as other skills, strategies, and systems I created & learned along the way. 

I now share, teach, and coach entrepreneurs those skills, strategies, & systems to fast track their success and create a life they love so they too can live their 'someday' now. 

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Why Am I Doing This?

I lost my first daughter Ashley as a full term stillborn. Then in 2000 I lost my second daughter, Narissa, also as a full term stillborn. For various reasons we were then unable to have any other children. At the time and for years I just put my head down and focused on what I could.

However, when I turned 50 it really hit me hard that I missed out on being a Dad. Everyone saw me as a success but I was empty inside. I needed to find a reason to be here other then just own businesses & real estate. So at the time I decided to create my legacy and set a goal to help one (1) million people achieve their real estate goals.  

Here is the video I released at the time. 


Updated Legacy

As I began achieving my legacy of helping people with their real estate goals I kept seeing them as a reflection of me prior to the bankruptcy and how they were sacrificing many other areas of their lives to gain financial success with the dream of getting to their 'someday' life. This was very frustrating to me because I knew they didn't have to. I knew they could fast track and get the financial success they desired and do it without all the sacrifices.  

So I began to share with them my life experiences and what I had done. I was sharing what I now call "The 'CHEAT' Code" and they started getting the same results I had gotten. I then knew I had to share this with the world and revised my legacy vision to now:

 providing one (1) million Entrepreneurs the skills, strategies, & systems they need to live their 'someday' now.

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Greg took a lot of his corporate training, ideas, philosophy, & culture and applied that into his own businesses & real estate investing.
Featured on the ‘Money Is Show”

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